Metal Furniture

and Hospital Sector


Design and implementation of custom-made items

Metallica Gran Sasso

Attention to the product, efficiency in the service

The mission of a constant growth has as its absolute priority the maximum attention on the product and the extreme efficiency on the service.

The Metallica Gran Sasso is a company that operates in the metal storage sector, with particular specialization in the design, production and marketing of metal shelving, office furniture and hospital sector.

Metallica Gran Sasso srl boasts a group of collaborators with thirty years of experience in the sector.


Our products

The mission of constant growth of the company, places as its absolute priority the maximum care and attention to the product

Metallica Gran sasso arredo metallico

Operating in this industry for more than 30 years

Team of Experts

Every day we are committed to using professionalism and reliability in our production chain.

Experience in the sector

Custom design

Wide production capacity

Wide range of products

Design and production of tailor-made items


Maximum care and attention to the product

Our roots lie in the many years of experience of our team of experts, in the industry for over thirty years


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We can provide to our costumere prompt delivery products, otherwise our team will be able to creare custome-made projects according to requests.


Our priority are the maximum care and attention on the product and the extreme efficiency on the service, with the aim of fully satisfying our customer's needs.

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